Azimio la Umoja One Kenya presidential running mate Martha Karua has dismissed claims that the Raila-Karua ticket will not be sellable in the Mt Kenya region as perceived by some individuals.

Speaking on Citizen TV interview, Karua said she started mobilising Mt Kenya supporters as soon as she joined the coalition on March 23, 2022.

Mt Kenya region is expected to play an important role in the presidential vote in the August 9 General Election.

“I hit the ground running. I have gone to most of the counties in Central. Azimio la Umoja is gaining ground and I am saying watch this space because Mt Kenya is beckoning,”
Martha Karua

The former Gichugu MP said the coalition’s critics were afraid of how much ground Odinga was gaining in the region.

“When you see competition getting people to disrupt meetings, it tells you they are afraid, very afraid of what is happening within the mountain,” she said.

Karua added, “People had come in their thousands to see and hear Baba [Raila Odinga], but a few disrupted. The fact that they came in their thousands means they are ready to listen. The mountain is beckoning and here we come,” she said.

Karua said her nomination is a momentous occasion for both the women and men of Kenya.

“I feel the responsibility to deliver the vote and deliver the Azimio la Umoja promise to the people of Kenya,” she said.

She has promised to play a supportive role to the ODM leader, saying she will do her best to follow their manifesto as well as be guided by the constitution.

Karua also pledges to support Odinga on the fight against corruption which has crippled development across the country.

“The fight against corruption requires political will and the support of the citizens. Kenyans have shown that when the leadership shows in word and deed, that they are serious about the fight of corruption, they rise up to support,” she said.


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