Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga has pledged drastic reforms in the event he is elected President in the August elections.

Speaking in Malindi, on Thursday, Raila said it is only his government that will do away with the challenges the country has been facing since its independence. He noted that Kenya still struggles with sickness, ignorance and poverty.

“These challenges are still existing and the policies we are bringing will help us deal with these ills as other countries have done. That is why we are saying it’s our party ODM and Azimio la Umoja that will bring that change.”
Raila Odinga

He added that his government will ensure every child has access to education, regardless of their background, starting with basic education through to the university.

“Once they complete school, they will get good jobs, not pushing wheelbarrows,” he said.

The former Prime Minister also promised to address issues raised by the Jua Kali sector workers across the country.

He reiterated that he will introduce the Recognition of Prior Learning to have the Jua Kali workers skills recognised by the government and other institutions.

“Youths who want t start businesses we will set aside funds where you can borrow and start repaying after seven years. This is to allow them grow their business,” Raila said.

“We will help fishermen get modern equipment and ensured that they are not harassed by the police.”

He said women will also not be left out.

Raila noted that land issues in Kilifi County will also be solved under his administration.


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