Azimio la Wananchi

Azimio la Wananchi recognizes that whichever administration comes into power, the people remain sovereign and the government is theirs, and there should therefore be continuity and minimal disruption even as priorities are reviewed.
The instruments of power do not change, only the custodians come and go. Similarly, public investments initiated on behalf of a sovereign people, should not be abandoned at the feet of the ambition of custodians of power. As stewards on behalf of the people, our duty is to highlight our priorities and our agenda, and align it with the gains already secured by previous administrations on behalf of the people.

Starting afresh with every new administration is an exercise in profligacy, whereas public finance management demands optimal resource allocation.

The Azimio Commitment is that transfer of power will be seamless and the country should not loose momentum as the Azimio Administration aligns its priorities with the Business of Government which is the Business of the People.