Azimio la Jitihada

Manufacturing as the driver of economic revolution is envisaged to spur growth of all sectors of the economy resulting in employment and wealth creation. MSMEs including the JuaKali sector are also leading generators of employment. We will adopt a policy of Recognition of Prior Learning certification program to award certificates to artisans, craftsmen and technicians who have obtained skills and knowledge through apprenticeship and work experience to enhance their employment opportunities, by empowering their efforts – “Shahada la Jitihada”.

We will also encourage the signing of MOUs between Jua Kali Associations and TVETs to develop partnerships and incubation hubs.

The AZIMIO commitment is to support the growth of MSMEs, including the JuaKali sector through improved productivity and efficiency to spearhead the ‘Made in Kenya’ products. Kazi kwa wote will secure the welfare of the people through decent and dignified jobs that uplift their standards of living.