Narc Kenya

Political Party

We are Social Democrats Fighting for a better, fairer, socially and economically just future for every Kenyan. We are committed to the realization of democratic ideals of rule of law, fairness, social justice, gender equity and equality, we are defenders of the Country’s Constitution NARC-Kenya was formed from a group of progressive political leaders who broke away from the National Rainbow Coalition Party (NARC) that was an integral player in the regime that won the 2002 elections. NARC Kenya stands for unity amongst all Kenyans irrespective of tribe, race, social-cultural and economic differences. The vision of the Party is One Kenya One Nation One People. We espouse social democracy. NARC Kenya is committed to promoting peaceful co-existence among Kenyans within the context of mutual respect. We are a Party creating a partnership between society and the political class. The party is keen to fight poverty, corruption, negative ethnicity and impunity by embracing social Justice and Rule of Law. Since establishment NARC Kenya has been the only party that stands on social democractic principles. NARC-Kenya played an important role in the promulgation of the 2010 constitution that is said to be the one of the most progressive constitutions in the world.